Ala Pangracova is an ambitious, creative and energetic freelance make up artist based in London. She has professional experience in Film, TV, Special Effects, Hair styling and all types of make-up.

Ala considers herself a very creative person and being a make-up artist is an outlet for her creativity. What she likes the most about her job that there is no limit to what one can achieve when they are inspired.

Ala always endeavors her projects to meet the personality and/or requirements of the client. Ala has got a strong sense of nonconformity. For her creativity is one of the most important assets of a make-up artist, using this creativity in every project is for her the only way she can avoid creating generic looks.

Ala has a "never say never" attitude, a helpful approach and an overall enthusiasm that is often contagious to all she encounters. Ala constantly seeks to satisfy the requirements of the people she works with. She does her best to get their vision and then transform it into reality.

Click here for a list of my Recent Projects
Film , media ,TV 
SFX Make -Up 
Photographic Make-Up
Hair Styling 
Hair Cutting 
Stage Make Up

The Cost of living -short film by David Beazley (special effects make-up)
Been a Riot-BFI Academy short film by Alfie Baker (make-up)
Teach me BFI Academy short film by Rabia  Hussain (make-up) 
Respite -short film by Adriano Cirulli (make-up, hair styling) 
To The See -4am Films  Production -short film by Corin Taylor  with Alex Reid (make -up) 
Meridian -film by Chi You (make-up , hair styling and Production manager) 
Russell - short film by Liam Simpson (make up , hair styling and SFX make-up) 
Journey Men -short film by Wee Vimolmal with Kate Manning (make-up ,hair styling) 
Ciao Britain -Chinese TV Sitcom (make -up,hair styling and hair cutting) 
Speaker- Teaser, short film by Nemaja Antanoskovic (make-up, hair styling)
Helen Richard - short film by Gregory Smith (make up, hair styling)
The Receptionist Teaser - film by Jenny Lu (make-up, hair styling)
Saturday - short film by David Anderson (make-up, hair styling)
As long we have lipstick on - short film by Elsa Bauver (make-up, hair styling)
Nylon Magazin USA -for Sissy and the Blisters (make-up)
Mother – short film by Chi Yu (special effects make-up, hair styling)
Early Birds – short film by Jeroen Bogaert (make-up, hair styling)
No Snow This Year – short film by Auguste Rahmberg (make-up, hair styling)
Short Story – short film by Merv Lewis (make-up, hair styling)
The Class – short film by Rob Oldfield (make-up, hair styling)
Dressed in the Past – short film by Sam Mildner with Robert Firth (make-up, hair styling)
Family Affairs – film by Kaspar Synnevåg with Bill Thomas (make-up, hair styling)
Blind – film by Rebecca Marshall (special effects make-up, hair styling)
The Gorjilla Guide – short film by Robert Bennett (make-up, hair styling)
Mush Push – film by Mar Moreno with Farah Hamed (make-up, hair styling)
The Passing – film by Anshu Poddar (make-up, hair styling)
Coconut Skin – film by Jeroen Bogaert with Gert Winckelmans (make-up, hair styling)
Mulligatawny – short film by Jonathan Entwistle with Ruth Sheen and Alan Williams (make-up, hair styling)
If You Have No Place To Cry – film by Aristotelis Blau with Francis Magee and Zac Fox (make-up, hair styling)
Reparation For The Soul – film by Shola Amoo with Ashley Walters, Michael Maris and Kyla Frye (make-up, hair styling)
Anniversary – short film by Chantal Bertalanffy (special effects make-up, hair styling)
Sun Always Shines – short film by Jan Kwiecinski (make-up, hair styling)
The Last Call – short film by Jan Kwiecinski (make-up, hair styling)
New Age – short film by Jessica Lurel (make-up, hair styling)
2012 Revelation – short film by Soonil Lee (make-up, hair styling)
The Kiss from a Dying Horse – short film by Eui Jeong Hong (make-up, hair styling)
The Crossmaker – short film by David Anderson (special effects make-up, hair styling)
Truth Or Dare – short film by Twan da Silva (make-up, hair styling)
Division – short film by Richard Murphy (make-up, hair styling)
Departure – short film by Zi-Ning Chion (make-up, hair styling)
Drug Love Story – short film by Sonia Kodderman (make-up, hair styling)
Heros – short film by Marlz Marley (special effects make-up, hair styling)
Late Coming Of Age – short film by Soonil Lee (make-up, hair styling)
The Tragic Penny Dreadfuls of the Family – short film by Michael Byrne (make-up, hair styling)
Rhosyn – short film by Chi Yu (special effects make-up, hair styling)
The Dead Are Silent – short film by Nikolaj Belzer (make-up, hair styling)

Bressie -Android Heart  Directed by Thomas Goldser (make-up ,hair styling )
Sinah - Sleek Directed by Liam Simpson (make-up , hair styling) 
Grass House -Boredom Rose Directed by Nicolas Jones and Colette McWilliams (make-up, hair styling) 
Ali Love – music video directed by Jo Spray and Camille Benett (make-up, hair styling)
Kono Michi – music video directed by Corin Taylor (make-up, hair styling)
Moulettes – Devil of Mine – music video directed by Thomas Goldser (make-up, hair styling)

MoFilm Walmart commercial - Directed by Alexander White and Jack Pirie (make-up, hair styling)
By IncrediBull production company - Directed by Tom Edwards (make-up, hair styling) 
Royal Art Shool project by Florie Salnot (make-up ) 
Thompson Punk -Directed by Jan Kwiecinski (make-up , hair styling ) 
Ricoh printers (make-up, hair styling)
NHS Drama Summary care record by Shakeel Butt (special effects make-up, hair styling)
Chanel no. 5 commercial directed by Alex V. Wong (make-up, hair styling)
Touch the Sound for the Royal Art School by Lingjing Yin (make-up, hair styling)
Chevrolet commercial directed by Matteo Pizzarello (make-up, hair styling)